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tv   Today  NBC  November 24, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. crisis in korea. the bodies of two civilians have now been found on that south korean island attacked by north korea, pushing the death toll to four. this morning the south korean military is on full alert has american helicopters head to that region. amanda knox heads to court this morning for h appeals trial. we'll talk about that with her parents in a live interview. and hassles and headaches. the thanksgiving rush gets underway and those airport pat downs and a major snowstorm out
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west are threatening to make the holiday travel even worse today, west are threatening to make the holiday travel even worse today, wednesday, november 24, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universatelevision and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm meredith viera. this morning an estimated 64 million americans are startg the trek to their thanksgiving destinations by road, rail and sky. here's what it looks like at reagan international airpo where those new tsa screenings are in place. >> those new rules could cause delays at airports all across the country and that boycott on the full body scans could add to the situation. d states from washington to utah with blizzard warnings.
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if you' gearing up to head to the stores on black friday, where should you head for the best deals? we'll tell you exactly where to go. thatounded bad. plus these days just about every parent with an infant owns a baby monitor. d you know that ifou own certain models, anyone can actually monitor your own family in your own home. you won't believe wh we picked up just by driving through neighborhood. we'll begin this wednesday morning with the latest developments and fallout over north korea's deadly attack on a south korean island. ian, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. there have been no fresh clashes today but the border region does remain tense. the south korean army is on high alert and today recovered the body of two more victims of tuesday's assault, both of them civilians.
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it's been called one of the gravest incidents since the end of the korean war, dozens of artillery shells fired from the north without warng slamming into a south korean fishing village. the barrage lasted for an hour, terrified villagers scramble to reach derground bunkers. nobody had expected this. fires were everywhere. it was chaotic, this man said. while this villager said, i thought i was going to die if i stepped out of the hoe. it's remarkable the number of casualties wasn't higher. the south korean military was carrying out drills in the area at the time and had informed the north. it denies doing anything to provoke the attack but did quickly respond, firing its own arretillery and scrambling fighr jets. president obama was informed
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early in the morning and called on the north to end it's belligerent action, and then in an atv interview, to reaffirm our ties with south korea. >> south korea is our ally, it has been since the korean war and we strongly confirm our mmitment to south korea as part of that alliance. >> the south korean president has been meeting hiss generals warning that unprovoked attacks against civilians will not be tolerated. he promises retaliation if the north attacks again. in march, pyongyang sank a south korean ship killing 46 seamen. many civilians were still huddled in shelter today. with smoke still smolders over their homes, evacuations are being made to the main land.
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meanwhile, the aircraft carrier, the uss george washington is on its way here for exercises with the south scheduled for this weekend. local lly officials are saying it's preplanned, but also a reminder of unity and strength. >> ian, thank you very much. wendy sherman is the vice chair of the north bridge strategy group, wendy, it's nice to see you, good morning. secretary robert gates said earlier this week that if you start any questioning on north korea with the word why, he can't answer it, that they are entirely unpredictable. does that apply ife ask why they did what they did a couple of days ago? >> it's always hard to know what north korea's intentions are, but i think it to get fou things done, one to project power out into the world. to create deterrence between
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south korea and the united states which the north sees as the last remaining superpower that could take them down. three with the bargaining chips on the table. and fourth and very crucial these days is the transition of power from kim jong-il to kim jong-un. >> you talk about the revelation that there is this high-tech facility to enrich uranium, that was revealed in the last week. the "new york times" summed it up, kim jong-il is isolated, sick in one of the most risky ventures of his life handing over his power to his untested 22-year-old son. he has few cards in his hands, but this week he placed two of
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the of them. do you think these are aces? >> i think they're very much as. they believe they only have one thing to worry about and that is the survival of the regime. thel-sung will go on throughout eternity so they're going to do anything they can to play any cards they have got. >> what good options do we have? what good options do the south koreans have? >> we do not have very my good options. the ambassador -- china is north korea's last remaining ally. the chinese have tried to be the leader here, to be a neutral broker, neutrality is over after the death ofhese civilians as well as the military in south korea and it's time for the chinese to tell the north to cut
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it t, to get back to the negotiablie i ghoshating table. >> the holiday travel rush is officially on and the estimated 24 million amerins expected to fly to their thanksgiving day destination are having to deal with those tough new airport screening techniques, we have got things covered from the airports to the road and rail and al's holiday forecast as well. we'll begin with tom costello and reagan international airport. >> hi, meredith, good morning to you. we're watching this check point becausthis is the day that some on the internet have called for a national opt out today, protest those full body scanners and tie up tsa checkpoints as a y of protesting. this is about a ten, 15-minute wait or so. it's been moving pretty quickly
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throughout the morng. but the concern is that if there are protests it could cause backups and delays. most years, travel on this day before thanksgiving is allbout the weather, but this year, it' about how many travelers might choose to protest and tie up tsa checkpoints by opting out of those new full body scanners and insisting on a pat down. the opt out organizer says he chose this day for a reason. >> you're going to choose a day when people are paying attention and when most folks are going to be flying. it doesn't make sense to do it any other tim i don't think anybody's going to miss thanksgiving because of any protests. >> reporter: they keep track of 6,000 daily flights, schedung, routing, catering, maintenance and the biggest variable of all. >> weather is very much an
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impact on our operation. >> reporter: united starts it's holiday planning during the summer. >> we're prepared to handle whatever comes our way. >> reporter: while 1.6 americans will take to the air this holiday week. the vast majority -- >> a road side assistance, this is brian h can i help you? >> reporter: the holiday crush is on. 1,100 service calls each day for dead batteries, flat tires and lots of lockouts. >> they tend to lock their keys in their car more ding thanksgiving than any other time of the year. >>eporter: starting on black friday, call volume jumps 20%. >> i would recommend bringing it in as soon as you can. >> rorter: one of aaa's 50,000 technicians on duty nationwide, out to get cars back and rning
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again, up to 15,000 carsetween today and sunday. >> sometimes we get lucky, that's all it is. >> reporter: back here at the airpt, flight stafcom says the airlines have a pretty good track record for getting people to their destinations on this day before thanksgiving, 80% generally, 80% arrive on time, the worst is the monday after thanksgiving that drops to 64%. >> it is now 7:11 and with more, here's matt. >> let's get more on how the roads are looking today. tom trong is at the georgia department of transportation navigator center. it sounds impressive, tom, what's going on there? >> reporter: there's going to be a crush of cars coming through here and the folks here at the navy gags center will be watching it al if anything happens, you can see some of tho on the big screen, if anything happens they'll dispatch help and send crews out
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there as well. 49 million americans will be driving this thanksgiving. more drivers on the road means more accidents so please do take your time getti to grandma's this thanksgiving as well. we're just getting word from aaa today that there's some concern of some major delays on the i-35 corridor. so if you're going through there, please watch out. >> tom trong in atlanta for us. it's now 12 after the hour, here's meredith. thanksgiving travelers opting for the trains will not escape the crowds. mike tie beeb by is in penn station. >> reporte this is going to be the busiest travel day of the busiest travel week of the year, some 170,000 people riding the rails probably on the way toward and past the week long record of 686 travelers that were set last
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year. if you show up to the station to get a ticket show up early. and even though thiis not air travel, there's suggested luggage restriction of only two pieces of luggage. it's not going to be forced. am track is going to be adding extra trains on the busiest part of the system from the northeast corridor to the pacific northwest. and one more change, one more tweak, if u're riding a long distance car with a ding car, you can get a special thanksgiving dinner, turkey with all the trimmings in case you didn't get it at grandma's house or if you just love turkey. >> while we're understanding the weather is not going to help the holiday commute in some parts of the country, al's upstairs and he's got more on that. >> here in the northeast, it's not going to be bad weather, just windy weather, boston, new york city, newark, jfk winds gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour and out to minneapolis.
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snow and sleet. we'll move back east again to chicago, they've got rain, increasing winds, and a major hub for united and american, so that's going to cause some problems and down to st. louis, we have got heavy rain and severe storms, more airport delays expted there later today. >> all right, al, we'll get your local forecast in just a couple of minutes. ann is still on assignment soamron hall is filling in at the news desk. a powerful second explosion has rocked the new zealand mine where 29 miners got trapped last week. today police say all of the men are dead as it would be impossible to survive this latest blast. nearly 400 people died in monday's stampede after panic spread when an overcrowded
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bridge beg to sway. and violent activity in afghanistan has tripled since 2007, according to a new pentagon report. children in kab are safer than those in new york. sphanie last
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good morning. a cloudy sky. temperatures in the 30s throughout much of the regions. it's only near 40 in washington. today, 50s with increasing clouds from the west. we get sprinkles tomorrow morning. a chilly day. highs near 50. rain likely late thursday night and friday in the low 50s. friday it will plummet into o the 20s by saturday >> and that's your latest weather. 156 days and coting, that is how long prince william and
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kate middleton have to get ready for their wedding. >> reporter: william and kate are involved personally in almost every detail of the wedding. the prince's secretary said, they're giving us very firm directions indeed. five months, thas all they have to plan the most spectacular and complicated royal celebration in decades. a top priority and a delicate one, the guest list. there are those that should get invited, those that shouldn't and those that must. westminster abbey as the capacity of 6,000, but as many as 000 can be packed up to the rafters. it is being called the people's wedding. >> i'm sure the palace will be very, very conscious of the need to reach out to all
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constituencies in britain in the smoec ceremony. >> reporter: also public holiday is being declared and a free consent will like be held in hyde park. everyone is invited to the procession with it's pomp and its circumstance as it winds through the streets just as it did 30 years ago with charles and diana. >> the prince and his bde will have a full military escort, possibly a flyover and soaring regal music. in the categoryf wedding dilemmas most people don't have, they will have to choose a carriage. there's over 100. the glass coach, the queen alexandra coach, and the coach equivalent of a luxury limo, the six-horse edward vii coach.
7:21 am
the procession will wind its way from the abbey to t mall las. the staff inside are used to throwing a big party. >> 5,000 is a simpleffair. >> reporter: the royal family will be picking up the bulk of the cost with a little help from th middletons. the queen will be paying for the reception herself. it's kind of le any other wedding. any other wedding with a glol audience of more than a billion people. >> yeah, but who's counting? ahead, ammanda knox back in cout as her appeals trial gets underway this morning.
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still ahead, who's watching your family. we're going to tell you how your child's baby monitor could
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good morning. we've got sunshine. 30sn the western northern suburbs. in washington, eastern suburbs just near 40. later today into the low 50s with increasing clouds. cloudy tonight. may get sprinkles on thanksgiving morning. cloudy and chilly the rest of the day. rain likely on friday. jerry, how's traffic. >> we're doing well, even on the topside of the beltway. right now both directions between i-95 and 395 looking good. virginia, no surprises.
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moving along nicely northbound and southbound. we'll keep you updated. tonight on "news 4 at 5:00," what you must see. how buying a wrong gift can turn
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning, november 24, 2010, the day beforehanksgiving. and out on the plaza, we're hosting a special concert in the 8:30 half hour, kings of leon. and just ahead in this half hour, a second chance at freedo for amanda knox. >> the i appeals trial for the college student accused of killing a student in italy starts today. a lot of parents use baby monitors to keep tabs on the kids. but wait until we show you just
7:31 am
how easy it is for anyone with a receiver out in the street to see and hear what's going on in your home. this morning the best of black friday deals on the hottest holiday gifts of the year. everything from clothing to technology. and we're going to cat up with one of the most talked about people of the year, kim kardashian. >> let us begin this half hour amanda knox. nbc's keith miller is in perusia with details. >> reporter: it's all or nothing for amanda knox on this appeal, she could win her freedom, but also the judge in the case could impose a harsher sentence than the 26 years she is already serving. knox is older now, the strain of three years behind bars starting to show. inhe same courtroom where she was convicted of murder and
7:32 am
sexual violent assault, amanda knox sat at the defense table, still proclaimg her innocence in the murder of her roomma, meredith kercher, an exchange student from england. knox's defense will argue that the evidence against the defendant does not exact. they have a new witness list and they're king the appeals judge to aoint an outside panel of experts to examine the dna evidence. if the appeal judge agrees, it will be a whole new trial for knox, a good chae to win her freedom. >> that would mean that the judges have some doubt and want to delve into the evidence more in detail than was done in the trial. >> reporter: the prosecution is also appealing they want knox to serve more time behind bars. the circus like atmosphere surrounding the appeal is exaggerated by more than 100 journalists. the attraction is knox, appearing like the all amerin girl that the italian press
7:33 am
still calls angel face. alongside knox is her former boyfriend, rafael sollecito, also convicted of kercher's murder and sexual assault. on appeal, the dense hopes to show that knox had no motive for killing her roommate and that the prosecution failed to provide evidence backing up its claim that the killing was the result of a drug fueled sex game gone wrong. explaining the guilty verdict, the trial judge characterized knoxs a manipulative permiscuous woman who clashed with kercher. the defense maintains that's no motive for murder. in the written appeal, the defense descrid knox as worn out, writing, the lone pre-emptive custody has broken down the young woman. the judge this morning postponed to the trial until next month, at that time everybody will be back incourt, but as we know, redith, the wheels of italian
7:34 am
justice move very slowly. we don't expect a verdict in this appeal until next spring. meredith? >> all
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good morning. we have temperatures around the region that are quite cold. big chans overnight. it's freezing. and our western suburbs are down into the upper 30s. and the temperature in washington is st near 40 as well as on our eastern suburbs, and later today we should make it into the low 50s with some sunshine. then increasing clouds by later this afternoon and cloudy tonight and by dawn on thanksgiving day, we'll have some sprinkles. looks liketowns reaching 50s tomorrow and should be cloudy most of the day. rain likely on friday. we'll fall out of the 50s. friday, down into the 20s on saturday morning saturday, sunny, with highs into the upper 40s. sunday looks like a normal day.
7:40 am
highs near 50. a bit warmer into next >> and, you know your weather travel all day long on the weather channel or on let's all do our mime. >> thank you, al, very much. up next, how strangers can use your own by monitor to spy on your entire family, even if you turn off the receiver. right after this. okay, which picture for the card?
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- will you marry me? - before saying those words, there's one word every man should know. - leo. - the leo diamond, certified to be visibly brighter, at kay, the number one jewelry ore in america. - yes. we're bac now at 7:43 with a warning to parents. baby monitors are a conveent way to keep an eye on the kids when they're in a different room. but did you also know they can let strangers see inside your home? tom yamas is outside our studio and he has details on this. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: we're transferring this video using a baby monitor. i wanted to show you how powerful this is, i'm hundreds
7:44 am
of feet away and yet you can still see me in the baby monitor. this baby monitor can broadcast through the thick walls of rockefeller centernd also your home. all it took was five minutes, from the moment we powered on a baby monitor and drove through this long island neighborhood, we wereble to peek into crib after crib after crib. this is one of the better ones we have found so far, you can look right into that crib, you can see the blanket, the bottle in the crib, you can even see details of the. and we could do me than just look into homes. with our baby monitor, we could also listen in. at this home, we talked to a lawyer, that someone was renee mcnaulty and we showed her what we could see and hear from our car parked outside of my house. >> i didn't know anything until
7:45 am
you knocked on my door and you said i c see your baby crib. >> reporter: it exposes the danger many parents are bringing into tir homes. >> there's a lot of child pedophiles out there, and you never know which home they're living in in the area. >> reporter: and also burglars. >> he knows when you're leaving the house for dinr that night. he knows when you'reoing to be home and when you're not going to be home. >> reporter: dennis ross knows about surveillance. he says that many baby monits broadcast on a simple frequent. many of the more affordable monitors don't have a digital lock, so if it'son, it's transmitting hundreds of feet outside your home. >> you can see the whole crib,
7:46 am
the baby's toy, everything, is very, very scary. >> reporter: when this toddler popped up on our monitor, it wasn't hard to find the exact location. is that your baby? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> i don't know what to say, you guys are like watching a mov. >> reporter: this guy turns off the receiver when not using the baby monitor, which is a big mistakes. >> it's scary. really scary. >> reporter: and if you look in buying a baby monitor, buy one with a single digital lock or look for a security guarantee on the box. if you have one of the older ones that's on 900egahertz, always point the camera where you want it, never have that shot live showing you living room or your bedroom. >> but the audio line, they
7:47 am
catch your conversations, they know when you're leaving your hous and that leaves parents vulnerable. >> they turn off the monitor, they forget about the cara and that way the perp or the burglar can hear everything they're talking about. ahead the best deals on everything fm clothes to toys to electronics. we're not talking about baby monitors here. one of nbc's people of the year will show up. we'll catch up and have a conversation with kim kardashian right after this.
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hand in the history of begin hand >> when you play gin rum my with kim kardashian, you can see the strategic aition lurking behind those eyelashes. >> i'm here to win it and right now she has a winning hand, her hit reality show keeping up the kardashians just finished its ninth season on e with record ratings and she used it to turn her branding stardom into an empire what is the brand? >> i think the brand is very personal because i am very hands on and people feel i'm unrelatable. >> just walk into a mall and you'll see that brand at work, she and her sisters have a new book, kardashian confidential, then there's kim kardashian perfumes, lips and skin care products, workout cds even a kardashian credit card.
7:52 am
her 5 million followers on twitter become her tailly soundisound sounding board. >> i don't know what nail polish color to wear. so i will literally wear the one they tel me. it's the best focus group. >> how many people seem to gravitate to you? you must thought about that? >> think that they feel like they can somehow relate to me or maybe a member in my family. >> she seems very likable. >> she is and, boy, does she got a corrate going? >> she's one of the people to talk about tomorrow night and other big names, the 2010 people of the year, tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central time here on abc. by t way, the kardashian sisters going to be here li in london.
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time right now, 7:56. a lot of sunshine. good morng. i'm joe krebs. in the news 4 toay, just like the highway is and airports, union station will be crowded. 170,000 passengers are expected to take amtrak. today is t busiest dayf the year for the railroad, and if you do plan to take amtrak, you must have a reservation. d.c. counsel member adrian will hold the turkey day. barry did not pay for them up front. he said he would pay the rest of it later but giant requed a full down payment. the two ses did resolve the issue and now the stores will deliver the turkeys to the uon
7:57 am
temple church at 9:30 this
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum.
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get oscillo and feel likeourself again. oscilloccinum, nip it in the bud. good morning. we've got the sunshin the blustery wind, later in the 30s. later in the 50s. how's traffic. >> briefly heavy at landmark. over than that, looking good. the outer loop, slow to silver spring. joe? >> tonight on "news 4 at 5:00," a must-see before you sta
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we're back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning, it's the 24th day of november, 2010. u know, it's a little chillier than it's been out here, we got 41 degrees, a little breezy, they tell us the temperature is around 33 degrees. >> that's what they said. >> i'm up in the control room where it's a balmy 72 degrees. we have another great concert this morning coming up from kings of leon in our next half hour. >> out on the plaza, matt lauer along with meredith viera and al
8:01 am
roker. what else have you got? we haveeen black friday ads for months, b this is the time of year we're going to see those big, big deals. we're going to run through the best of the bunch, from the hottest toys and the coolest gadgets and much, much more. >> even before "slumdog millionaire" came out in theaters, we on this show predicted it would win an oscar because it's a great movie. the team speech that's coming up in new york and l.a. this weekend and around the country december 10 is phenomenal. if it doesn't win the oscar, then there's something terribly wrong here. it's a brliant, brilliant, brilliant film. it is unbelievable. >> i have not seen you this enthusiastic. >> it's about queen george vi, queen elizabeth'dad.
8:02 am
and he had a stammer. >> let's go back inside to tamron hall who's standing by at the news desk with the headlines. good morning, everyone. a u.s. aircraft carrier is headed to the waters off korea's peninsula. the move comes one day after north korea rained artillery shells on the south korean island killing at least two soldiers and two civilians. u.s. officials say the carrier will take part in the maneuvers that were planned before tuesday's attacks. and an explosion in the new zealand cole mine -- amanda kno returns to an italian courtroom to appeal her conviction. she's appealing her 26-year sentence for killing her british roommate. holiday travellers should expect mo company than last year, and
8:03 am
possibly airport delays. security officials are bracing for threatened nationwide boycotts of full body scanning. however most travelers, some 40 million people will take to the roads, a 12% increase over last thanksgiving. thanks to low inflation, the cost of a thanksgivg turkey dinner for ten with side dishes is only about 1.3% higher than last year, which works o to an extra 5 cents a serving. the 911 emergency service is -- text messages in case where is the sound of a phone call might put them in added danger. and it's been a very good year for myrtle bergland, not only did the maryland senior turn 100 this week, she's also completed four college courses and each friday she joins friends to hand stitch quilts for babies with hiv. pretty awesome. congratulations, myrtle, it is
8:04 am
8:03now back to matt and meredith. >> let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> and then the smucker's jar and her life is complete. where are you g
8:05 am
hovering right around the 50s later today. and then tomorrow, just near 50 with maybe some sprinkles in the morning, and then during the rest of the day, cloudy. rain likely on friday. and on saturday, sunny. much colder. nd that's your latest . weather. meredith? al, thank you very much. coming up a special wednesday version of the whip. we'll tell you where to go and what to buy on black friday right after this. [music by air supply] ♪
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♪ bing, dg, ding, bing, bing, bing, bing. ♪ ♪ bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah... ♪ "today's" holiday gift guide is brought to you by target, expect more, pay less. >> this morning on "today's" holiday gift guide, what to buy on black friday. we have three experts to tell you where to findhe best deals. >> first up, mario armstrong is a digital life science expert. i want a bigcreen tv. what features do i wan and what are the best bargains? >> a lcd and plaza, 55 inch, you'll be looking at around $2,000, budget for that extended warranty, though, when you make thepurchase. >> those blue r-ray players.
8:09 am
>>dvanced features like internet, online music with pandora, so you want internet connection and the players are like butter without popcorn, without the movie, so youot to have blu-ray movies. and these movies will be 70% off this friday. >> cameras are always very popular, you say you can get some good deals on the more expensive cameras too? >> when you buy those, you'll get a whole lot of accessories, a tripod, a secon memorya. >> these all shoot in hd now? >> ty all shoot in hd, one of my favorite features is while you're shooting video, you can take a still image at thsame time. >> good bargas this year? >> good bargains and they're easy for the grandparents all the way down to the little ones to use. >> what is your advice on net
8:10 am
books versus lap tops. >> net books are good for e-mail and web browsing. if you're looking for more than that, you want more processing power. >> you want as much memory and as much hard drive space as you can possible afford. >> it's an investment. happy thanksgiving to you. >> let's go down to al. >> the hottest toy will be selling out fast friday. amy goodman is from "all you" magazine. what is the hot doll ts year? >> cabbage patch was in the '80s who mama -- mitten fluff and stuff is the it doll of the moment. girls actually go gaga for them. >> the thing majigs, they talk, they sing and they harmoniz >> they're freaking me out. >> harrypotter. >> with the release of the new
8:11 am
harry potter film, they actually have to conduct hog warts first to play the board game later, that's really great. >> boys and girls like to get down and dirty. the dump truck. >> he sings, he plays, he makes 80 different sounds and noises. it's like interactive play with toys. >> this is the squinkies bake shop. kids adore it. it's a collector' item. >> air hawkeye cameras? >> this is actually a remote control helicopter that takes fi minutes of video and of course the barbie video doll as well, which is taking about 30 minutes of video. barbie goes high-tech. >> we're bk in 30 seconds with th hotte black friday deals when it comes to your home and fashion right after these messages. ding, ding, ♪ bung, ding, ding, ding ♪ bing, ding, ding, bing, bing, bing, bing... ♪
8:12 am
♪ bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah... ♪ ♪ lost in love and i don't know much... ♪ ]male announcer] starts friday at 4am. get there, first. "today's" holiday gift guide is brought to youy target, pect more, pay less. >> back at 8:12, with more holidagift dids. now the best deals for you and your home. we're going to start with a big item that you found a great deal on. sears is offering this kenmore trio fridge for $1,100. that's almost a 60% savings.
8:13 am
it's also an energy star appliance. >> why i this such a good time of the year to get this? >> this is going to be the lowest time of the year to buy appliances. so if you're in the market so it's time to invest. targets -- people want to get people into the doors, like those 5:00 door busters. target's offeringhese appliances for $3. >> moving on to sheets and pillowcases and all that, this is also a great time. >> this is some of the biggest sales. like in january the bedding sales. this is a great time to buy because you're going to have holiday guests. they're up to 70% off. >> and fashion forward friends look for sweaters from them like ca cashmere. >> it's such a classic, gloves for your teachers, to glittery stuff, hard touy tweed. even like a baby, 30% off.
8:14 am
it's so cute. >>nd if you're got shorty friends. it's a good time you want to exercise durg the holidays. great time to get a kick start on your new year's relution. >> it does pay to go to the store by 4:00 a.m., really? >> people are getting really competitive this year because they really want the consumer dollars. so they rlly want to get you in the door, biggest savings we have seen in the last couple of years. >> let's head outside to tamron hall. >>'m outside on the plaza, the crowd wants to see king of leon. how did kings of leon come one their name, is it a the former boxer leon spinks, or the band's grand father o the spanish
8:15 am
explorer juan prince de leon? ♪ lost in love and i don't know much... ♪ ]male announcer] starts friday at 4am. get there, first. [ whistle blows ] [quishing ] [ male announc ] ol filled with caramel. not as good as chocolate filled with caramel. introducing milky way simply caramel. life's better the milky w. berry-topped, almond strudel pie? ♪ triple-chocolate-swirl browni ♪
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learn how to share your ideas at learn how to share your ideas and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries. you can decorate with them, bake with them, even make holiday drinks, like our cranberry punch we call the feste sparkler. mm! festive. for all these reasons, we declare the ocean spray cranberry... the official official fruit of the holidays. we'll probably get flak from the dates and figs. but no one can tell them apart, anyway. [ snickering ] for holiday tips and recipe go to kings of leon are set to set thislace on fire. just before the break, we asked you how did the band come up with their name? and the answer was b, kings of leon is a band of three brothers and a cousin and their
8:18 am
grandfather is leon followill. now back to you, meredith. carmen has been -- in his new film, the king's speech, it's getting a lot of oscar buzz. king george vi had to get over a speech impediment to lead his country. >> that is st. towaredwards' ch that seat is the seat on which -- >> i don't care how many royals sat here. >> listen to me. >> listen to you? by what right? >> by divine right. i'm your king. >> you said you didn't want it. you think i wasn't listening? i have a right -- >> and i have a voice. >> good morning to you, i cannot
8:19 am
say enough about this film, i'm not blowing smoke, it's fantastic. there'so much buzz about it too. it is a small film. why do you think it's making such a big splash? have you figured it out? we were worried that we were probably making a rather difficult little film. >> because? >> it's set in 1957, does anyone care about that era? how many people care? i know plenty of people care about the royal family, but not everybody. >> and your character has stmer. >> and one has to finesse that so you come to realize how painful it s. it had to be something people could sit through. and i think there was concern that it would alienate people in some way. but actually, it seems to connect -- so many people think this film isn't for them. that's what i hear most often. i really did not imagine. >> you are used to playing
8:20 am
fictional characters, is it more difficult to take on historical characters who are real? >> it might. i have one time in my life played my exact age. that was the hardest of all, probably. this, i had some room to maneuver because people don't have an image of him in their mind the way they did winston churchill. >> and people don't know, he is her dad, the queen m's husband. >> it's not that long ago in the grand scheme of things and he has relatives that are very much ale. i was also very conscious of at. >> did you rea out to the royal family to get some perspective on him? could you? >> one could try. they're not in the habit of commentingn these sorts of things and the flow of information out of the palace is zero. and i think quite right. i think they would likely will comprosed by anything they say. >> there's a great story about
8:21 am
this. i don't know if it's true. the screenwriter actually apprched the queen mother and said i would like to make this movie and she said wait until i die and she's been waiting around for 20 years. >> she'going to live to be 123. if she had said yes, i would have been too young for the role. i'm quite glad it worked out the way it did. >> and your sister is a speech therapist and you leaned on her because it was very important that you get this right? >> we don't have a lot of direct information, kings don't let you hang around with them. i would liked to have control over the country for a day t see what that was like. so you have to go to secondary sources, and we had this amazing moment where we uncovered his diaries and letters. traced the family of the
8:22 am
family. some of the dialogue you hear is from the diaries. we have that material, but he wouldn't have been much of a therapist if he had documented the therapy sessions for everyone to read and so i turned to the best speech therapist i know and that's my sister. i said what would the mechanics be in that time. so it was her idea. >> you got a oscar nomination last year for a single land. and the buzz is that you're going to get another one. are you uncomfortable when you hear that? you feel like it's almost bad lucko hear it? >> you know, i just -- i plead the fifth. no, i think it's great, actually. this film was a $ million tiny little independent film. it doesn't have a massive financial machinebehind its promotion and that is basically
8:23 am
just a by word for we love your moe. so at the moment this is all we have and the sort of wonderful comments that you madere what it's going to thrive on. it lets it punch about its way. >> everybody, it is a great movie. i wish you a happy thanksgiving, but you don't celebrate, do you? >> i have an american family. i have a son and two step kids. i have terrible thanksgiving envy. i think the british should have it. it doesn't mean we're an unthankful people. but it's just a wonderful family thing that were it for not celebrating so i'm very happy to have it back in action. >> well very happy holiday to you and the film opens on friday, take a break from shopping and see it. it opens nationwide december 10. let's head down to washington, d.c. and check in
8:24 am
with our good friend willard scott. >> over the river and through the woods, to gramother's house we go. happy birthday to my friends at smucker's. take a look if you will. ralph gains, from pasadena, cafornia. he still loves the ride and listens to hispod. johanna sell, 109 years, always very active in helping other people. and daysy mcfadden from the bronx, new york, had triple bypass when she was 89 years old. and nettie senstein. she plays t s ths the piano and
8:25 am
memorized a of the tunes she plays. and pennie burden, from detroit, michigan, she was honored for her charity effort on her birthday. whatn honor to have. and louis foppiano, he's from healdsburg, indiana. just ahead, kings of leon, out on the plaza in concert. but first, your local news and weather.
8:26 am
8:26 is your time. a chilly start to your wednesday morning. tom will have your forecast right after the news. good morning. i'm eun yang. in the news 4 day, it is the day before thanksgiving and one of the busiest days to fly. people were lining up a reagan national very early, and to complicate matters, some passenger as who object to the body scanners is plning to participate in the "opt out" day. they're hoping to jam up the system. there have been no issues reported so far. we're going to take a break and have your weather and traffic when we come back. stay with us
8:27 am
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8:29 am
before river road on the outer loop. tonight on "news 4 at 5:00," a must-see before you start your holiday shopping. how buying the wrong guest can turn into an expensive mistake. that's tonight
8:30 am
8:30 now on is wednesday morning. the 24th day of november, 2010, the day before thanksging. many kings of leon fans out here today. for a live performance. outside on the plaza, i'm meredith vieira, along with al
8:31 am
roker and tamron hall. >> d't forget you can check out the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on nbc tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m., followed by the dog show. >> that's right.
8:32 am
8:33 am
well, we certainly had a big change overnight. much colder now. temperatures around the locations, many in the 30s.
8:34 am
it's only near 40 in washington. right near the bay, though, it's in the mid-40s and in the low 40s on the eastern shore. 20s in the mountains. and ter today, with increasing clouds, we'll only climb into the low 50s. cloudy tonight. may get sprinkles tomorrow morning. maybe some sle up along the man-dixon line. highs tomorrow only near 50. rain likely friday. >> and don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night the weather channel on cable or line. >> a twist on the traditional thanksgiving turkey and we have got kings of leon live on the plaza. but first this is oday" on next. nbc.
8:35 am
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8:37 am
"today's" holiday is brought to you by ocean spray, tastes good, good for you. >> this morning on today's holiday kitchen, thanksgiving with a twist. you know what the traditional meal shoul look and taste like. but there's a new taste your family is sure to enjoy. his latest cookbook is family meals. happy thanksgiving to you. when i think of thanksgiving, i think of the turkey as a whole on a platter. but you're doing something, you deconstruct the turkey, which is a sophisticated way of saying you cut it in half? >> it's a heritage bird, it's air chilled so it never touches water and it's a fantastic tasting bird. the first thing you want to think about is quality. get the best bird you can possibly get. the second thing, roasting a bird whole always destroys the texture of the turkey.
8:38 am
don't waste your time, you can cut it in half yourself, by using a pair of shears and cutting it along the backbone. or you can ask the butcher to do it. >> once youut it in half. >> you put it in the roasting pan and you want to treat it like you would anything else. you want to smear a little bit of butter on top of the tuey itself. you got a little bit of texture, a little bit of salt, you want to season up t bird really well. and then what you want to do is just bury it in herbs. so the name of this dish is split roasted turkey buried in herbs. >> what herbs? >> we have got a little bit of fresh thyme and some rosemary, this is going to cook in an hour an 25 minutes.
8:39 am
when you cook it f three hours, it ruins the bird. do your family a favor, don't cook the turkey whole. we're going to puthole split roasted heads of garlic in here too. >> while this is cooking -- >> that's going to go in the uv, 400, or two hours. you start off with a base of onions a little bit of olive oil, a little bit of butter. we get a little bit of sugar, a little bit of caramelizization. >> but you don't want the spinach to burn or anything? >> if you want it trance -- we're going to add some spinach to this. you want to add a little bit more spinach than you need because it wilts down like crazy. give this a lite bit toss, a little bit of scream, a little bit of parmesan, cook that to almost a beautiful side dish itself.
8:40 am
>> this is one of my favorite dishes out of the cookbook. there's onions that's going to go on top of the whole thing. there's a little bit of honey and a little bit of sherry vinegar. and there's a little bit of bred crumbs. there's a little bit of color on top. >> if i put this in my fridge tonight, could i serve it to my guests tomorrow. >> i would just build it at the last second, you can coo the bred crumbs on top of this, it bakes in the oven for about 25 minutes. >> this is what you get, turkey buried in herbs. you get a nice crackly bit on top of this. you want to cook this until you get an instant read thermometer 160 degrees in the breast and the thigh. this is the best turkey, it's
8:41 am
easy, it's quick and it's fanttic. don't ruin your turkey this year. this is a really good idea. everybody likes swe potatoes, everybody likes mashed potatoes. since the sweet potatoes are savory and sweet, blended together. you get aittle bit of this, a little bit of that, you get a really good flavor. >> oh, my god. >> and we share the spoon. >> that's right. >> thank you so much, happy thanksgiving again. a life concert from the emmy winning band kings of leon.
8:42 am
8:43 am
the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> tir last album turned kings
8:44 am
of leo into rock superstars and earned them four grammy awards. now they're out with their follow-up album. it's called coming up sun down. ladies and gentlemen, kings of leon. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ ♪
8:47 am
>> kings of leon. we'll be back with more music and we'll chat with the band, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
kijs kings of leon's newest album. the many nuances, good to have you here the good news is the last album, four grammy awards and a number one hit. the bad news is the last album, four grammy awards and a number one hit. a lot of pressure on this one? >> i don't think so. we put enoh pressure on things
8:50 am
we don't have to worry about. we have had a few records before the last one that we didn't think were any good but had some success. >> it's an inexact science. for the people who don't know anything about the music dustry, i think a lot of people wonder w would changing locations change the sound of an album? can you explain that? >> i think dng a rord at home in nashville is more of the comfort level of being at home, sleeping in your own bed, hanging out with your friends so it's a little bit more chilled ou there's a lot more smaller not a lot of room from getting distracted. new yorks just get in, get your job done and get out. >> you seem to like the city. you have spent a lot of time here, places to live, things like that. >> we all have placesere now. >> we like hearing that. by the way, congratulations, didn't you just get engageded? >> yeah. >> end then there was one, one
8:51 am
single guy left, right? >> yeah. >> are you going to be in europe, i understand? >> yeah, we're going be in new york city. >> what are you going tolay for us now? >> the end. ♪
8:52 am
♪ running with the street lights ♪ ♪ laughing at the grave ♪ he swears he's gonna givet up ♪ ♪ it's never gonna be enough ♪ i just wannabe there ♪ when you're all alone ♪ thinking about a betr day ♪ when you had it in your bones ♪ ♪ this could be the end ♪ this could be the end ♪ this could be t end ♪ this could be the end
8:53 am
♪ i see you in the evening ♪ sitng on your throne ♪ you're playing with a fireball ♪ ♪ and post it up against the wall ♪ ♪ justanna hold you ♪ tak you by your hand ♪ and tell you that you're good enough ♪ ♪ and tl you that it's gonna be tou ♪ ♪ this could be the end ♪ this could be the end ♪ this could be the end ♪ this could be thend ♪ cause i ain't got a home
8:54 am
♪ running from the street lights ♪ ♪ sning on her grave ♪ once you had the good stuff ♪ never gonna fill you up ♪ iannabehe one who ♪ gives them my world ♪ and gives them all the feeling of it ♪ ♪ just a little taste of it ♪ this could be the end ♪ this could be the earned ♪ this could be the end ♪ this could be the end ♪ this could be the end ♪ cause i ain't got a home
8:55 am
♪ i'll for every room ♪ no i indicate got a home ♪ i'll forever roam ♪ no i ain't got a home ♪ i'll forever roam ♪ i ain't got a home
8:56 am
8:55is your time. a chilly start to your day. tom will have the forecast right after the news. good morning. i'm eun yang. in just a few minutes at 9:00, d.c. county marion barry will give away. he did not pay up front. barry raised $17,000 of the $26,000 and he said he would pay the rest later but giant reires a full down payment. the two sides resolved the issue and now the store is delivering the turkeys to the union temple church in the southeast. we'll take a break and have your
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. we've got sunshine right now. there's quite a chill in the
8:59 am
air. 30s and low 40s with a blustery nortest wind. cloudy tonight. may get some sprinkles thanksgiving morning. cloudy with highs near 50 tomorrow and friday, rain likely. jerry, how's traffic. >> the outer loop of thebeltway still with the accident at the gw parkway. it's been out there a couple of hours now. only two lanesetting by. we'll show you the result --as a result, the outer loop of the beltway delays begin as you come off of the i-270 spur to the american legion bridge. eu >> tonight on "news 4 at 5:00," a must-see before you start your holiday shopping. how
9:00 am
♪ i've been wandering around ♪ always looking down at all i see ♪ >> back now an a wednesday morning, november 24, 2010. we're looking at a crowd that is extremely happy because we just had a great concertrom kings of leon.
9:01 am
we'll have some more music a little later on. i'm matt lauer along with my friend al roker and a lot of people hitting the roads. this is one of those big get away days. new tsa screening procedures are in effect. and we have got "today's" money 911, if you think ithe next couple of months you could be getting laid off, we have some advice for you. plus who's going to make the guest list for the weddi of the century. >> i know a couple of people who are on the list. did you get an invitation? >> i would be stunned. >> let us go inside, tamron hall is in while ann's on assignment. good morning, everyone, a
9:02 am
u.s. aircraft carrier is headed for korean waters today following the northorean bombardment of the south korean islands setting dozens of buildings and homes on fire. the navy will engagen exercisesith south kea on sunday. anthony wader was found guty after holding a 16-year-old neighbor captive for more than a year. sentencing will begin in january. a massive explosion inside a coal mine in new zealand has erased any hopes of finding 29 miners trapped in a similar blast five days ago. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year, miions of americans head out for thanksgiving celebrations. tomostello is at reagan international airport. any signs of people boycotting those full body scans as the
9:03 am
internet bloggers have threatened to do? >> reporter: we have seen a this checkpoint in washington, you cld be in and out of that checkpoint in three or four minutes max. we have not seen any sign of that opting out protest. 1.6 million penal traveling by air over the course of this holiday thanksgiving period. 40 million people going by car, the biggest problem will be the weather in the midwest where they're dealing with some rain, some sleet and some ice. back to you. >> all right, tom, thank you. a special thanksgiving diary, five organ donors have part -- all of the donors and recipients are doing very well and everyone in the chain agrees that it was a great joy times five. and finally a very important matter of state today at the white house, president obama pardoned one of these two birds in an annual thanksgiving tradition, the newly crowned national turkey, along with i
9:04 am
vice presidential alternate will then be september to george washington's mt. vernon estate to live out the rest of their days on th farm and luckily not on the table. it is three minutes past the hour, back to matt and meredith.
9:05 am
breezy and chilly on this wednesday morning. we've got the bright sun and a blue sky, but temperatures are hovering near 40 degrees throughout much of the region. it's milder in the south and east in washington, the low 40s there. only in the s and low 30s in the mountains. later today we'llave increasing clouds. highs briefly touching low 50s. overnight, cloudy. tomorrow morning, light rain is poible around the metro area. could be a little sleet out around the mountains starting out tomorrow morning. rain likely friday. >> thas your latest weather. tamron? this morning on "today's" money 911, your most pressing financial questions answered. today's financial editor and author of mey 911 and sharon
9:06 am
epperson, cnbc's financial expert. we have got so many questions. weave got anna from ohio. e's joining us from skype. good morning, anna, what's your question? >> good morning. my question is me and my husband have a 529 for your 9-year-old son and he wants to take the money out of this account, close it out, use some of the money to catch up and some of the money we'll put into an ira in our name because he has heard that having this money in our son's name will hurt hiss chances of getting financial aid later. i disagree, i want to keep the account, i think we'll be sorry when it comesime for him to go to college. what should we do? >> this is a great question. >> anna, i am with you 100%, if you can afford the leave the money in there, it will not hurt his chances of financial aid, in fact having the money in a 529 is really considered yrsset and the schools don't look at it until the second or third year
9:07 am
in which he goes to school, but that $9,000 won't hurtyou. i would take future contributions and put them in an ira if you need to play catch up for your own retirement. as we say all the time, your retirement has to come before college because thers financial aid out there for college, but there's no financial aid for retirement. >> you'll be glad you have some money in the 529. >> we didn't even talk about the taxes and the penalties, but believe me, you don't want to --. >> we he got nicky in virginia. howan i help you today? >> hi, how are you? thank you for taking my call. what's in my other siing's and i do to protect our 84-year-old widow's mother from a younger sibling who we think is taking advantage of her. momaid off her large credit card debts, just moved in with
9:08 am
her, now she is joined on mom's account, the house that dad paid off now has a mortgage and mom has $20,000 plus in credit card debt and she sounded really sad when i talked to her abouter debt once, now mom is also talking about selng the house for a third of its value. >> that is a tough one, nicky. we're sorry that your mily is in this situation. >> unfortunately, this is the conversation that comes up a lot around the holidays through thanksgiving. i would suggest if you can put this conversation off with your family until the day after thanksgiving. but here's what iould tell you. the most important thing is who has signatory power on your mom's checking account and credit cards. ideally, if you don't -- is your sister right now on the credit cards and the checking account? >> just on the checking account. >> i would recommend to your mom the following. there's what's called dual signature. is your mom in a good capacity, does she understd what's going on right now? >> i think so, i live in another
9:09 am
state than my mother does, we're like a country apart. >> so in eence if you don't trust your sister i would do two things, i would suggest to your mom that there be two signatures on all checks. ideally your sister won't be signing the checks. but you actually tell your sister, you can tell your mom, mom, willou just copy me on the statements, the bank will actually send the statements to your home or you can get online access. you can say, just let me be the second set o eyes for you. the third thing i would say is it's possible your sister has good intentions and you may also want to have a conversation with your sister about this and say, i'm also going to be watching over this, i'm going to be looking through the statements an looking through the checks, i know you mean the best, but i'm going to be watching you. >> let's go to the phones, arnie from san francisco.
9:10 am
>> caller: my questions are i will be laid off from my job in five months, i've been in the company for 11 years. do you have any suggestions for what i should do no preparati for the layoff. i do have a mortgage that has a 6% interest rate. should i try to do a loan modification or should i refinance and then do a loan modification? >> i'm sorry about your situation with your job,ut i do want to ask you, do you have any leads on a new job? have you started looking? do you have anything lined up? >> caller: not yet. >> you need to try to get even a part-time job. but the other thing, are you the sole owner on this home? >> caller: yes. >> unfortunately, you're not going to like what i have t tell you, they're going to want verification of your employment
9:11 am
and of your future employment and you're not going to be able to say that you're going to be employed for a long perioof time, and if you try to get a loan modification, if you don't have any income, that's going to be difficult for you. you may want to looking into selling that home and rent something cheaper. but make a list of all the expenses that you're going to be able to cut rht now and what you can cut when you lose your job. also keep in mind that you may want to stop if you're contributing to retirement, i hate to say this, but right now you need to build up your savings, so stop putting money into that 401(k) or that ira and start building that liquid savings that you v and also you want to try to get a line of credit. and all the while, you're still looking for a job. >> it's worth trying to re-fi that mortgage now. as long as you've got five more months of income and you're not doing anything dishonest, she
9:12 am
could certainly try. >> if you're employed, that's -- >> but you do need to be truthful on the questionnaire. >> that's right. >> thank you all, jean, david, sharon, great pleasure, happy holidays to you. still ahead, the next big choices awaiting prince william and kate now that they have picked the wedding date and the church. up next, a touching story of thanksgiving from st. jude's children's hospital. right after this. ♪ turn the tub around
9:13 am
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9:15 am
our series thanks and giving. on friday, auburn and alabama face off in one of the year's most famous collegeootball games. the young athlete will be with the team in spirit, but not on the sidelines. 18-year-old shaun dreams of playing on this very field. >> i wt to play in this uniform every day. >> reporter: the st. louis rams honored him on the field for his personal battle off of it. >> please welcome our honorary captain, shaun coleman. >> reporter: shaun knows that this is where he belongs. >> he's one of the best offensive linemen in the country. we got on him early in the process, watched film on him,
9:16 am
talked to his coach, found out a lot about him. has a great size and a great future. >> at 6'7", 285 pounds, shawn was at the top of his game, having just committed to a football scholarship at auburn university. months later, lumps on his head and his body would turn out to be something no one expected. cancer. >> i was completely shocked, there was no better way to put it. it was surreal. >> reporter: shaun's mother told him the lumps were malignant. >> from the first meeting h never doubted that he would beat this. he accepted it and told me to buck up, it's going to be okay, he's going to be fine. >> reporter: shaun was dged with acute leukemia? >> the comn age group is a little younger, but it's a
9:17 am
continuous variable. >> the cure rat has gone from 4% to 94% thas in large part to advances at st. jude's research hospital. but even with these successful numbers, it's still a mystery why someone as seemingly health think as shaun would be diagnosed. >>that's the problem, we don't know why kids get leukemia and that's why we're doing all the research to try and figure out. >> as he continu to fight the leukemia, awn's coach and teammates are standing behind him, holding his place on the team for when we's ready to play again. >> when you're a great player in this league, you definitely have a shot to go on to the nfl and be a great player there as well and he's definitely got that ability. >> reporter: shaun still works out daily and sits with his tm on the sidelines. he has two years to go to finish his treatment, which he compares
9:18 am
to the game of football. >> i look at the opponent and like my coaches, they set up a game plan for me every week, i use my game plan to overcome whatever it is to my achievement. >> reporter: and in addition to his achievements, shaun' mom's dream of playing football again will be a reality. >> i don't see anything that's going to stop him. i would say in the next two years, he'll be running out of the tunnel at jordan harris stadium and within the next several years, he'll be living out his dream in the nfl. >> i know i'm going to win. >> marlow thomas is the national outreach director. we heard the piece, it went from 4% to 94%. is this going to be 100% krurle? >> the whole reason it's come up to 94% is that we have gotten better at combining the drugs,
9:19 am
at customizing the drugs, dosing the child, depending on their own dna, we have got to come up with better antibiotic drugs and all of this has led to us not using radiation on children. and we're the oy hospital in the world that does that because we're able to cure leukemia without radiation. his quality of life is going to be up to 100% because he doesn't have to suffer the side effects of radiation. >> marlow thomas, happy thanksgiving. . >> you, too. we have one more song from the kings of leon. but first, these messages. with the capital one vente card we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast,
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9:23 am
we he an avon representative. tell us a little bit about the donation from avon this year. >> we're so happy to be donating over $2 million worth of toys. they're all for boys, w have toys and products and a lot of goodies here. >> you are a woman out there, you're an avon rep, getting in contact with the customers. >> yes, i love it. i've been selling avon for ten years now. this is for boys and girls. >> little bubble bath and ite for girls. >> some great produs here for the holidays. >> this is actually a sleeping bag. >> this is a great sleeping bag. >> thank you very much. thank you to avon by the way. we'll have celebrity guests out
9:24 am
here collecting gifts out on the plaza if you bring a toy or a piece of clothing for the needy. up next, another song from kings of leon. 19 days, 8 hours... 20 days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours... [ mom ] let's go, young lady. 12 da, 18 hours... 10 hours, 12 minutes, 7 seconds. come on. it's no days! 5 hours and 59 minutes and 42, 41... [ female announcer ] the hallmark "cotdown to christmas" ornament. this christmas, make it joyful, at your hallmark gold crown store. is spreang their love for frui and veggies. gerber nature select baby food. 100% nutritious. 100% up to gerber standards. [ baby giggles ] [ female announcer ] welcome to e gerber generation. [ baby giggles ] the gerber generation loves whole grains this much! gerber graduates snacks with yummy whole grains, and the vitamins and minerals your toddler needs.
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9:26 is your time now. good morning. i'm eun yang. it is the dayefore thanksgiving and one of the busiest days to fly. people were lining up at reagan international early this morning. to complicate matters, some passengers who object to new body scanners are planning to participate in an "opt out" day. instead they'll have to get a time-consuming pat-down. union station will be crowded. as many as 170,000 passengers are expected to take amtrak. you are planning to travel from unn station, you must have a reservation.
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. we have sunshine now. it i chilly. near 40 ithe suburbs. later this afternoon, touching near low 50s. cloudy tonight. by dawn tomorrow, light rain. perhaps a few sprinkles around the west area. there may be a little sleet tomorrow morning. highs near 50. jerry, how's traffic? >> tom, take a live lo. northbound and southbound moving along very cely. and one more stop. we'll head on over south of town to the wilson bridge. lanes open. at the moment, we're looking
9:29 am
good. >> tonight on "news 4 at 5:00," a must-see. how buying the wrong gift can turnnto a very expensive mistake. you don't wa to miss that story.
9:30 am
it's just now -- it's not just thanksgiving without the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. we're going to bring you the marching bands, the flos and the balloons. i'll be there along with matt and meredith. macy's thanksgiving day parade immediately foowing "today" at 9:00 a.m. right here on nbc. meanwhile inside sdio 1a, i'm al rok alongside tamron hall. >> you're going to do some traveling today? >> i'm leaving out of here, but
9:31 am
april 29 is the date prince william and kate ddleton have picked for their wedding. you have their date marked on your calendar, don't you? >> i've gotit. plus would you give your kidney to save someone you had never met? we're going to meet the people involved in the largest kidney transpla chain ever performed in the u.s. 16 donors, 16 recipients and their doctors, we're going to talk to them all coming up. another song from southern rocker kings of leon, but first, al, one of the king this is morning. >> it's good to be ki. >> with a check of your forecast. >> let's show you what's
9:32 am
we had a cold change overnight. right now sunny, breezy, and chilly. around the region now, temperatures range from the upper 30s north and west of washington to low to mid-40s near washington and ne the bay. later today, briefly touching low 50s with increasing clouds and cloudy tonight. now, tomorrow morning out of the highlands of west virginia and perhaps 30 miles or so west of washington, there may be a little bit of sleet. maybe through noontime on thanksgiving day. ra
9:33 am
up next, just how vod are prince william and kate middleton in planning their wedding? we'll have that after this. sometimes i worry. yeah. what if something bad happens? so wt happens if someone gets my credit or debit card and buys a ton of stuff? that would be... really, really bad. [ male announcer ] with bank of ameca's zero liability guarantee, you're not responsible for any fraudulent charges on your card. guaranteed. bank of america says they'll credit any fraudulent charges back to my account as on as the next day. the next day! at makes me feel better about using these cards. they've got my back. they've got my back. [ male announcer ] the opportunity to worry less about fraud with the zero liability guarantee from bank of america. when you can ha pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ cappuccinos and lattes. new maxwell house international add a layer of excitement to your next meal.
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the koubd count down is on, prince william and kate middleton have six months to iron out the wedding at westminster abbey. stephanie gosk has the latest. >> reporr: five months, that's all they have to plan the most spectacular and complicated royal celebration in decades. a top priority and a delicate one, the guest list. there are those that should get invites, those that shouldn and those that muftd. westminster abbey has the capacity of 2,000, but as many as 8,000 can be packed literally to the rafters. and it won't be just hea
9:37 am
state and european royals. it is being called the people's wedding. >> i'm sure the abbey and the palace will be very, very conscious of the need to reach out to all constituencies in britain in the ceremony, let i be as grand as you like, but let also be inclusive. >> reporter: a public holiday has been declared, street parties are being plned. everyone is invited to the procession with its pomp and it's circumstance as it winds through these streets just as it did 30 yea ago with charles and diana. >> as the future head of the armed forces, the prince's bride will have a full military escort, flying over and soaring military music. in the category of wedding dilemma mo people don't have, they will have to choose a carriage, there's over 100. there the glass coach, the queen alexandra coach, and the coach
9:38 am
equivalent of a luxury limo, the sixth horse edward vii. the procession will wind its way from the abbey to the reception, likely to be held at buckingham palace, the best balcony for the newlyweds to make an appearance. than they will usuly end up throwing a party. for "today," stephanie gosk. nbc news, london. >> up next, sweet 16, we'll meet the people involved in the largest kidney exchange ever right after this. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night, why go one more round ? you don't need a ratch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associated with sleep. lunesta lps you get the restful sleep you need. lusta has some risk of dependency. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake.
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♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love, love now to the people behind the largest kidney exchange ever. 16 patients, thankful to be alive and thankful to their 16 donors, including a soldier and an nbc news viewer, we're going to talk to them in a moment, but first, nbc's tom costello has their story. >> reporter: what does it take for someone to give a kidney to a total stranger. after two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan, army specialist patrick duncan had seen enough, enough ffering, enough death. >> i think that uplose and personal and now it's time for a change, now that i can actually save someone's life, it just means so ch. >> for patricia harris, it' a trade, she'll donate and someone else's kidney will help save her son. >> i will moveeaven and earth for my son, but more than at,
9:42 am
i can improve the quality of life of someone else, that's what god wants us to do. >> reporter: jonathan was just 12 when his sole kidney started to fail, then open heart surgery and chronic asthma, now at 22, the kidneyis brother gave him has also failed. >> i guess that just means i was put on ear to -- >> reporter: after 25 years of kidney disease, rhonda carry is also hoping for better things. >> i'm praying that this will be the only trance plant that i ever have to have. >> patrick, patricia, jonathan andhonda are part of the biggest transplant chain in the history of the u.s. >> what i try to do every day is try to find more kidneys for my patients. >> reporter: the kidney
9:43 am
transplant director another gegetown. 32 trands plants over thr weeks, spread over three different hospitals, georgetown, walter reid. >> only approximately a fourth of the people that sit on the transplant list will ever be transplanted. so you have toet a living donor for the rest of these patients if they're ever going to get a transplant. >> reporter: there simply aren't enough donors. there's over 65,000 americans wait forgive a transplant but only 6,000 people actually gets one. that means every 23 minutes, someone dies wt fog arrest kidney. relatives, friends, even strangers can donate. >> from watching television. >> reporter: christine hall stepped forward after watching
9:44 am
our report on the doctor last year. i began thinking, why don't more people do that? and then i realized the question should be why don't i do that? >> reporter: donors and recipients were finally introduced patrick harris's kidney went to rhonda carry. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: when pat trick harris met his donor, he was overcome. >> for a long time, i had to leave us alone. >> jonathan is going to take good care of it. and i hope it gives him a whole new lease on fe. >> reporter: and jonathan's mom, her kidney went to kochar. so many lives so muchgratitude, that's what it means to get a kidney today. good morni to all of you.
9:45 am
>> good morning. let me ask you, we have heard, some people have decided to just do this out of the goodness of their heart. if somebody decided to do this, what are the risks of the healthy folks who want to donate a kidney? >> well, it is major sunshine surgery, the risk of bleeding or the risks are very small. most healthy people can be wiout any risk that they can be in the hospital one or two days and they can pretty much return to normal activities in more than a month. >> you have tours of duty in afghanistan and ir. why did you decide to do this? >> i decided to do this because i have lived all my life, i have lived a healthy life and for someone who can't have that life
9:46 am
just because they're on dialysis, it wasn't fair so i decided to do what i had to do to give them a good life. >>nd rhonda, you got the kidney donated by specialist duncan. you got a lot to be thankful for, you and your family, this thanksgiving? >> yes, i do. i'm very thankful and i thank god that i was able to be a part of this and i thank god that i got patrick's kidney. >> and patricia, you and your son jonathan, you've been through a lot together, he had a kidney that would have been donated from his brother. what would it mean for you and jonathan to have gotten this kidney for him. >> well, is definitely going to increase the quality of his life providing him an opportunity to live a young man's life that without this
9:47 am
having occurred come independent of each other. >> i can see that bond, it's very special. christine hall, you saw the report that tom costello did on "nightly news" with brian williams and you were moved to act and you said this helped you improve your life as you got ready to donate a kidney? >> it did. >> how so? >> i think you're referring to my wght loss. >> yes. >> i lost 40 pounds getting ready for the surgery. >> wow. knowing that you, a a bonus, you're in better health and you have helped somebody, how did that make you feel? >> honored. >> yeah, that's terrific. doctor, you've done 16 pairs, what's next, 20, 24? what are you thinking?
9:48 am
>> well, al, actually our national organition, the united network of organ sharing is now going to make this a national program. so what we're most proud of is the fact that more people across the nation will be able to participate inhese sort of exchanges and be transplanted. >> that's terrific. happy thanksgiving to everybody, please enjoy and we're so proud of you, thank you so mh. >> thanks, al. and just ahead, we have got one more song from kings of leon. but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
david hyde pierce and dis roberts. but first, one more song from thkings of leon.
9:51 am
♪ i've been running around ♪ i've been looking down at all i need ♪ ♪ ain't afraid to go to the place i can't reach ♪ ♪ you know that i could use somebody ♪ ♪ you know that i could use somebody ♪ ♪ someone like you
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♪ you know that i could use somebody ♪ ♪ you know that i could use somebody ♪ ♪ someone like you ♪ ♪ i'm off to sleep
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♪ i want you to know that ♪ i want you to know that ♪ you're what i need ♪ ♪
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♪ i've running around ♪ i've been looking down at all i see ♪ ♪
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♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. ght now get a safeway frozen turkey for just 47 cents a pou. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway.
9:57 am
good morning. it's 9:56 right now. aaron gilchrist. in the news. a major crash in the airlines causing problems for passengers on the busiest day of the year. rit now the computer system for spirit is down and employees are checking in customers manually. it hopes to have the system up and running as soon as poible. meanwhile people have been lining up at reagan national since early this morning. some passengers objecting to new body scanners are planning to participate in "opt-out" day. we're told the delays are not too terrible. so thing are going all right there. how are the travel. >> no problems up and down the atlantic seaboard or the west coast. we've got some problems with weather. right now it's cold. we're in the low 40s. it should climb into d low 50s
9:58 am
by this afternoon. wee got clouds increasing. slitle sleet north and west of washington. otherwise a few sprinkles on thanksgiving morning. how's traffic? >> tom, at this hour, very, very quie i think we're in a bit of a lull. northbound and southbound, moving along very, very nicely. and we'll head or to georgia to see if that is the case both directions between the capital beltway and fredericksburg, no hang-ups right now and the travel las are open. >> i ought to record that video. tonight on "news 4 at 5:00,"
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello,everybody. i'm november 24th, one day before the big thanksgiving turkey day. sort of get-away day for mem today. you're staying with your family and going to the parade. >> right now they're coming. they're about to get on the trains. the trains are delayed a little. they'll be here by 1:00, and we're going to -- and you're heading to florida? >> i'm heading to the keys. if we were staying the city,
10:01 am
we would go to a matinee today. we've been interrupted this year by your book. >> i've been very busy. >> which is finally, thank you, over, andvery successful. but if we were going, i ould tell you all if you're going, this is only going to run through december 5th, and it is e of the best shows hoda and i saw all season since we went to theater. if you have a kid, a teenager, every teenager should see this show. it's a one-man show. he plays six different characters and he's brilliant and we need to go back regularly. i miss my theater. we have david hide pierce on today, and we have not gotten to his show because of our book tour. >> it's upcoming the coming weeks. if you were at home last night, "dancing with the stars" was on the tube. it's over. in third place, as you probaly know by now, was bristol palin, in second place was kyle massey.
10:02 am
he played that was the song to the see roll, xhs so good. he sang to -- he danced to that one. the winner, of course, was 50-year-old jennifer gray. she won it. >> which sounds young to me. other people make abig deal about how she's 50 years old, and that's young. >> she looks great. she should have won. she was the best dancer left. there was queion. >> no question, right? >> it's going to be fun to see what happens to her career now, because we hadn't seen a lot of her before this. who knos what offers will come staming in for her now. >> you'd like to see if these shows revitalize someone's career or if they're a thing interesting to watch for now. you hope it does. >> whher you're watching her, i don't think anybody realized she has a ruptured disk in her back and tendonitis in one of her knees. she's hiding it and masking it beautifully. >> yeah. and on another channel w the
10:03 am
show "glee." >> i can believe i missed "glee" last night. >> i was getting stuff together. i had to buy a microwave oven, xhnters and it was on in the background. carol burnett was on and she was singing with jane lynch. let's listen. ♪ i wonder ♪ why did i why ♪ why did i go ♪ oh why oh did i leave ♪ ohio ♪ maybe i better go home maybe i better go home ♪ >> carol played jane's mom in the show in this episode. >> i hope it becoming a recurring role people forget she started her reer on broadway in "once upon a mattress."
10:04 am
>> she can sing. if you like music, kings of leon was out on our plaza. it was jammed. they played this song you may ve heard of called "use somebody." >> not at this moment, though. >> this is it. ♪ someone like you >>yeah, baby. looking good. >> they brought out a very big crowd. >> every single word. >> we wish the travoltas all the best in the world. benjamin was born tuesday. good for them. they had a rough couple of years. >> it is turkey time, is and this is the time where everybody panics. everyone pangs. >> there's a butterball lady. >> do you cover it? >> we have marge the phone.
10:05 am
hey, marge. >> hi. >> you've been holding on for us right now. you know what it's like for us to hold on. there's quite the wait sometimes? there is. we have a lot of callers on the line. >> let talk about thawing out, because a lot of people get the bird, and it's frozen and they panic. what should you do to thaw it out? >> well, to thaw it out, you suld is started it in the refrigerator quite some time ago. if you haven't, then you have to defrost it in cold water. takes 30 minutes for every pound. >> 30 minutes per pound. >> cold water in the sink? >> cold water in the sink. immerse it in cold water breast-side down. >> one of the our experts said you want a really moist turkey you shouldn't get anything over 14, 15 pounds or go from one of those big jumbo
10:06 am
turkeys. she said opt for t small ones. >> how do you feel about that marge? >> you don't overcook your turkey, it will be juicy and tender. it's the overcooking that does you in. >> that's what i told her, marge. >> don't be afraid of the big birds, because they'll be just fine as long as you don't overcook. >> thank yu. >> happy, happy turkey day. >> theours if you want to call marge is 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. central time today and 6:00 to 6: on thanksgiving. >> i was preparing grandma's sage stuffing today. >> you have to be careful with that. they say these holidays are one of the times when most families are fighting. the top things we fight over is money. why is that coming up? >> a lot of people have big, big mon problems right now.
10:07 am
>> i mean, the discussion of that at the table. >> leads to fights. you owe me ten buck, you owe me 15. >> here's the second thing people argue about. their dislike of the meal. >> who are you having dinner with? people fighting over money and don't like your cooking, tell them to find some place else to go. that's just rude. >> ihink people mask their criticism this ways they stay this turkey's a little dry, but lots of great gravy. i think there are ways to be passive gressive. >> that person is like that all the time, yoknow what i'm saying? >> i know. >> you people, unfounately, don't know who you are, because you keep doing it. >> we have pay frozen version of a turkey here. >> we do. this is an he's cream turkey. >> it's con sealed. >> it's ice cream, and where do you get it? from baskin robin z?
10:08 am
is that where it comes from? >> $31.99. >> you don't want to go near it. >> do you want me to cut it? >> go ahead. >> rip off a leg. >> no, don't. don't do that. no! >> that looks good. that's hugh you start the fight. don't rip off the leg. try that. >> that one is delicious. >> you didn't get to that. >> i don't know why we have this, but this is called a turkey caller. >> okay. okay. we got it. got it, got it. that's how you track turkeys, apparently. pleets let's go to sarah. you're going to have a new york city thanksgiving? >> yes, and just wandering around and seeing lights. we have a fan photo of a little baby that rosemary sent in. she puts her daughter down in
10:09 am
frnt of the tv when you're on and she turns and watchines and talks to you guys. >> that's really cute. >> this is her first thanksgiving it looks like. >> don't forget to send your what the what photos and things on there. >>still to come, look who is here, tv's most outspoken mother and brother >> doris roberts and david hyde pierce make an awfully cute couple right after this. just unroll it, fill, top, bake, and present. thamust have taken you forever! it was really tough. make a pie with pillsbury tonight. try crescent wrapped brie. just unroll it, wrap the brie, bae, and present. that looks really delicis! and so easy. for this recipe and more, visit
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all day thanksgiving, with gat specials on toys and apparel starting midnight. so you can shop while you wait for the big electronics event at 5 a.m. friday. with an emachine laptop for st $198. that just $ walmart. with an emachine laptop for st $198. ["stir it up" playing] stir up a smile with hershey's syrup.
10:12 am
when the think of david hyde pierce you probably can't help but remember him as the snobby psychiatrist on tv's "frazier." >> we think of him as so much more. he's a long time friend of this show and a star of a wonderful broadway play that opened to rave reviews we'll see very soon calmed did the la bett."
10:13 am
>> no. the man is a raging -- >> no, no. >> i haven't -- >> she's not with us today, but david hyde pierce is. >> that's right. i am. that was joanna lumly. >> she's fantastic. >> she's an amazing british sitcom that ran for years, she's the starf that. >> what's interesting about this dialogue, approximate if you don't pay attention you don't realize it all rhyming. >> it's the most incredible play. the entire play is in rhyming c cuplets. you dot really notice it. >> tell us about your character. you play the straight man in this, right? >> sort of. i'm a writer and actor and high-minded guy. there's a conflict of eg between me and at great british
10:14 am
actor who is a vulgar farting and belching street performer. he's one of the great actors in the english-speaking theater. we battle it out for the affections of the princess. >> there's a portion where this guy des a monologue that's 30 minutes, and you haveto react. that couldn't have been easy? >> it's easy with him. it's a brilliant piece of writing. it's basically the opening of the play. he comes onand is so full of himself. we've all been with people like this. like i'm doing now. >> he has a flatuence problem? >> the character does among other times. >> tonight we had a -- a few months ago the new york philharmonc did a tribute.
10:15 am
>> mandy. >> and on and on and on many performing the songs -- the rolethey originated and it's one of the great orchestras in the world on pbs. i hosted it. >> the reviewed i read, you got as great a review for this. he's the reason to call somebody a host or something. >> i wrote that review. >> it wa quite the rave. i'm sure you saw that. >> lonnie price, great actor and director put the evening together and then captured it on film, which is really hard to do. you watch having been through it, you see it and feel like you're there. >> i'm going to be watching there. >> we saw it, and i thought stfs incredible. i didn't realize all of those songs were his. there's ather one. every one you've heard came from him. >> "send in the clowns" and n g ings like that. >> hw much longer are you in
10:16 am
"la bete"? >> it's a wild ride. i love it. >> what does david hyde pierce do when he takes a break? go sailing? >> i don't know. probably go play football. >> you're such a macho kind of guy. >> oh, shut up. happy thanksgiving tyou guys. >> enjoy the rest of your team. we'll see you in a couple of weeks. coming up next she's the loud-mouthed mom on "everybody loves raymond." >> she knows how adorable she is. >> i know. i'm home.
10:17 am
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10:19 am
for nine years everyone loved raymond including his controlling mother marine breen. >> now the five-time emmy-winning actress is star inning a hallmark channel mie where her character contues to
10:20 am
speak her mind and make magic. >> as a finley store employee i was disappointed to learn you had canceled the christmas party. that's one of the reasons i took this job. >> it was canceled 20 years ago. >i know. there's still talk about it. apparently it's off the hook. >> what? >> it's an expression they use today. >> how a you? great to see you. >> great, honey. thank you. >> you're always working. once in a while i see you out on the town, but most of the time you're working. >> am. >> tell us about this particular movie. it's a hallmark movie, and your character makes magic, doesn't she? >> she an angel with an attitude. >> she's very loveable. >> we did this last year and it was number one for the yea of 2009 so we're doing it again this saturday. it starts at 8:00. if you miss that one it starts at 10:00 and if you miss that one, i starts 12:00. >> and there's tivo. >> this young man is adorable in
10:21 am
the movie. >> isn't he? >> she shows up in family situations wherehey need a little miracle. >> absolutely. it's a movie the entire family can watch together from kids to grandparents. you don't get that very often. >> no, you don't. we don't get it enough. >> no. it makes you feel good at the end. a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling at the end. >> when we knew you were coming on the show, we wanted to dig deep in the arches. we found one of your old commercials from back in the day. so we just -- >> she may not like this. >> she might. let's watch. >> an air conditioner? >> not that kind of air conditioner, this kind. new glade solid air freshener. conditionshe air and gets r of odor. >> how do you plug it? >> you don't herb. see this ventilation system? works continuously so the air
10:22 am
smells fresh and clean. >> that's a window? >> not anir conditioner air conditior but it's an air conditioner. >> was that one of the first things did you? >> absolutely. >> what goe through your mind when you see something like that? what year was that? >> how much money i made? >> did that play for your house. >> i did. i have a plaque outside my house that says this is the house of glade in span spiisspanish. >> what is one of the questions you get on the street? >> how do you learn that time s? you don't. you're born with it. >> i had a little too much champagne. >> these things live on. why do you think they're so timeless, the aymonds? >> they're real. they're based on reality. it happens with one of the
10:23 am
writers and the cousins and mothers or whatever. that was out for nine years. >> i was reading a very poignant story about the gentleman that played your husband, and when he found out that he had cancer,he came to you and asked you -- tell us that story. >> i said i'm going to tell them that i have cancer, and i said don't do that because they'll treat you like a man that is dying and they won't write for you. you can't give into na. you don't know that, and fight against it. he did, bless him. peter boyle. >> when you watch what's on it tv these days, what do you think when you look at the landscape and you see the reality stuff and the comedies? at do you think? >> they've lost something. they've lost to reality, they've lost the simpness about it. we have to look at something and enjoy it. like this movie, "mrs. miracle," you can laugh at it and c at it and feel good about it.
10:24 am
we need the time to enjoy televion, not to be bombarded by it. >> we've lost the heart of things. even though that was a bickering family and everything else, you knew they loved each other and woulddo anything in the world for each othr. >> for my sons i would do anything. i never approached that character as mean-spirited in any way. my boys had to have the best. >> doris we love seeing you. happy thanksgiving, sweetheart. >> you, too. >> the movie is on the hallmark channel all this weend. >> plenty of times. you've got to watch it. still to come, turkey trivia when we play "who knew" with our holay crowd. after your local news. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ better with dollop here ♪ freer with a dollop there ♪
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it's the #1 selling lipstain in the u.s. [ male announcer ] outlast lipstain. from easy, bezy, beautiful covergirl. [ drew ] top it off with the ossy shimmer of shineblast. after a short delay, a little controversy, d.c. council member marion barry's annual turkey give away. more on what caused the problems and happy residents getting holiday help. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. also coming up, if you're stressed out we'll
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back on this wines day with more of today ready to play "who knew?" how can we talk anything today except turkey? kathie is across the street. she'll hand out 100 bucks to those who answer correctly and those who don't will receive one of kathie lee's cds or a copy of al roker's w book, "the midnight murders." everyone is a winner. kristen is here to help me out from let's do it. >> this beautiful young lady always wanted to be on the "today" show. she's turning 18 today. according to the department of
10:31 am
agriculture how many turkeys are cooked and eaten in the u.s. at thanksgiving? this is for al roker's book or my cd? >> i'll go with 45 million. >> yeah. >> she gets the money. >>oh, well. >> 45 million. big number. >> it is a big number. it actually represents 1 in 6 turkeys -- one-sixth of the turkeys sold year-round and about 535 million pounds of turkey. >> i wonder if it's lesshis year because of economy? >> yes, potentially. >> these folks are from arkansas. on average how many calories are consumed onthanksgiving? 2,3500, 4,000 or 4500 calories? >> 4500. >> you are good today. not a good day for me or al. >> no, it isn't. 4500 in one meal. >> in one meal. that representing about two and a quarters days worth of the recommended calories. it's really good to get a walk in, get some exercise, something
10:32 am
on the day of thanksgiving. >> it's all the gring and the cooking then and a half. >> exactly. day long feast. >> i'm in love with this guy, 84 years old from new york. he has quite the attitude. when was the first macy's thanksgiving day parade, sir? 1963, 1950, 1924 or 1912. >> i'd say '24. >> wow, you guys are -- >> you weren't born then, were you? >> almost. >> i was a wink in the eye. >> he was a wink in the eye. wow, they're sweeping across the street there. >> they're doing a great job today. 1924. it was starteby the employees was macy's store and it went from harlem to the store on 34th street. they wanted a way to celebrate its heritage. >> how big it's grown. >> lovely family from new orleans, hoda. besides turkey, what's the most popular thanksgiving food? cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie,
10:33 am
mashed potatoes or brussels sprouts. >> pumpkin pie. >> oh, my gosh. everybody is doing great today. >> al is getting ticked off, because his book is not going anywhere. pumpkin pie is the answer. >> you know, it's actually a fairly recent recipe. it started in the late 1700s, 1796 is the first recorded version of the pumpkin pie. >> interesting. back across the street. >> look at this beautiful family from massachetts. he's the spokes person. true or false, thanksgiving has always fallen on the fourth thursday of november. true or false. >> fru. >> that's all right. what's it going to be al roque or me. >> al, al.
10:34 am
>> al roker wins the vote. the correct answer is false. >> it used to be on the last thursday of the month, and that was started by abraham ling kuhn with ms. pro clam mags but fdr mov it up to the fourth thursday to extend the holiday season and boost the economy. >> where are you from? >> from virginia. >> how many movies are scheduled treeb leased in theaters over the thanksgiving holiday? 4, 6, 9 or 11? >> 6. >> wh's going on? this is astonishing. the correct answer is 6. >> it's the start of the big holiday movie season. tons of releases this weekend, burlesque and love another one. >> i want to see the one with reese witherspoon. >> we'll do one more across the caption.
10:35 am
>> lady from texas. true or false, there's no official reason or declaration for the use of turkey of thanksgiving. true or false. >> true. >> false. no, you were right. it's true that it wastrue. yes. it was like a false negative. here you go. you won. >> thank you. >> the answer is true. >> actually, it was the most plentiful game bird at the time of the thanksgiving of 1621 so old habits diehard. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> black friday bargains and the right time of day to shop for them and then in the kitchen with tyler for thanksgiving sides. first, these messages. ♪ [ grandma ] okay. ♪ ah then we will all do it together. treats. teets...teets...teets... yeah. look at this. [ female announcer it seems like the best family traditions always start in the kitchen.
10:36 am
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time to count down to the holidays with a lesson in in navigates black friday. we have three experts standing by to tell you about the best deals in electronics, cloths d jewelry. we begin with consumer reporter janice lieberman. hey, janice. >> good morning. so, when you see these big sales and they tell you 5:00 a.m. and the doo open and everyone crashes in, is it smart to show up early like that on black friday? >> there's a lot of tricks out the the retailers are pulling on us, so you ne to read the fine print. we've heard that some stores open at 5:00, but the steals don start until noon or 5:00 p.m., s you don't need to get there. the other trick they're using is minimal quantities, limited,
10:40 am
maybe four tvs at rock bottom prices, but if it's open at 4:00, by 4:05 they're gone. >> how do you kw if those rules are there? >> read the fine print and map out your day. this is a strategy day, okay? you need to start today. you need to go on the computer, figure out which stores you're going to, whatou're buying, where the cheapest prices are, what the hours are, where the locations are, and also what you need to do is get on those coupo sites. find out, can you layer the coupons? >> what does that mean? >> go to couponom and and print out coupons. let's say lord & taylors is offering another 20 off. >> you can use two coupons at places? >> many times you can. >> these gift cards. what do you think? >> i think it's a great idea if you don't kn what toet someone, but make sre the gift cards don't expire. they can go to any store in a mall, and they don't devalue.
10:41 am
who wants to six months later find out it's worth half the amount. >> i see commercials where you turn yourift cards in for mon. let's go to kathie lee. >> thanks so much. technology analyst omar is here with the best deals on electronics. good to see you. are you going to find the best deals online or in stores? >> for a lot you have to go to the stores. this is a kodak camera, digital camera, 14 megapixel and well rated online, but you have to go to walmart to get the discount. this is a tomtom gps. it's a $50 discount and $79. you have to go to walmart to get that. >> got to go to walmart. they get in line the night before, right? >> exactly. this is a system sung ultra compact camcoer, and it's an easy to hold shape. this is $99 and $30 off the
10:42 am
current sale price. go to for online deals. another dpampl of a deal in store is this 40-inch hdtv. it's the best quality hd. this is availab at target for $298. >> at? >> that's a $250 discount, but my recommendation would be to show up at target at 4:00 a.m. approximate if you want that deal. >> they'll run out of those babies, i think. i don't want to see the people that didn't get there in time. >> this is a cisco ume. it's a high-end videoconferencing system. it's a $599 unit. if you get two of them, you get free installation from best buy magnolia. that's a $300 value. you get this beautiful quality videoconferencing, and it it allows you.
10:43 am
if grandma cat make it, this is a great way to connect with her. >> thanks very much, omar. happy thanksgiving to you. >> upstairs for the best sales in style. >> lori has the scoop on clothing and jewelry. how are you? >> good. we have a lot to get to, so i'll jump in. a lot of peoplehink of the holidays and you want to gift toys to kids, but clothing is a great option. everything is under $10 at the children's place. they're havg their 5-7-10 sale. you can get cute accessories or layering tees for $5, sneakers and shirts for ten bucks. >> all affordable. >> let's go to the jewelry department. >> we move on to a grown-up gift and i want all the gtlemen to take note. jcpenney is having off discounted jewelry 40 to 60% off. >> off the fine jewey? >> fine jewelry. these diamond earrings are regularly $453. guess how much they cost?
10:44 am
>> 300. >> $80, real diamonds. love that at jcpenney. if you don't want to ke it out to the store, logon to they have emerging designers and good names. nare offering 30%. the code is today show, very easy to remember. around $100 you can get two things. this is from erging designers. love it. >> bags and shoes are favorites at christmastimes. >> especially for holiday parties. they ofer 30% off an free shipping. everything from big brands, nine west, under 100 bucks. >> sweaters and coats. >> this is the greatest time to get deep discounts on quality fabric. from banana republic, italian fun cardigan. you can get it for $4 they're having 40% off. if cashmere is your ning, 100%
10:45 am
cashmere, usually $100 from kohl kohl's. >> loriust get married. we're happy for her. we have great thanksgiving day nibbles right after this. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate.
10:46 am
york peppermint pattie. get the ation. naturally colorful vegetables are often a good source of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ all day anksgiving, with great specials on toys and apparel starting midnight. so you can shop while you wait for the big electronics event at 5 a.m. friday. with this 19-inch sansui hdtv for just $98! yeah, $98 at walmart. with this 19-inch sansui hdtv for just $98! and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries. you can derate with them, bake with them, even make holiday drinks, like our cranberry punch we call the festive sparkler.
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mm! festive. for all these reasons, we declare the ocean spray cranberry... the unofficial official fruit of the holidays. we'lprobably get fk from the dates and figs. t no one can tell them apart, anyway. [ snickering ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to oceanspray.c.
10:48 am
the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
10:49 am
time for "today's holiday kitchen" and last-minute ripe for anyone hosting the holidays. >> or anyone responsible for bringing sething. how are you? happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you very much. >> lovely smells emanating from there. >> yeah. when people come over, you want to have some appear tiesers ready to go.
10:50 am
>> but not so much they're not ready for dinner, you know? >> something really nice. this is an easy olive dish i like a lot. these are deli olives you can pick up. we made a little honey and cider vinegar gastrique. it's sweet and sour at the same time. this is reducing away. so what you do is take the olives and foldhem in. >> fold them in, baby. >> these are roasted onions, which are nice and you can do shallots and pearl on ions. then we take orange zest and citrus zest and add a holiday flavor to it. also we have savory almonds, too, and garlic, rosemary and some bay leaves. we want to stir all this together, and you kin of let it sit on the stove nice and warm. can you smell that already? >> yeah. >> it blows up as soon as you
10:51 am
put the citrus in there. >> then you let it cool? >> you want to serve it warm which is really, really nice. if you get nice cheeses, it will buy you half an hour. >> it's not nibble food you need a fork for. >> i'm sorry. grab one of these. >> i don't know. where have your hands been? >> my hands are cleanish. >> that's good. >> isn't that great? >> yeah, that's delious. >> you have theweet and spicy. >> you get it all, baby. >> i love that. >> and the pit. very nice. >> so here we go. there's stuffing and there's dressing. stuffing goes in the bird. if don't want to do that it's dressing, which is the same reci reci. one of the my favorite recipes. you start off with carmeliameli onions and sauces. you can use ground turkey or
10:52 am
leave it out. we have a granny smith apple diced and presauteed. we fold that in as well. we have a little bit of chopped rosemary so it's nice and savor you get the nice spicy bits from sausage and has fennel and sage and smells and tastes like the holida that's the base and in the bowl we have one egg. we fold this in. we take cornbread. if you have a favorite recipe you want to make, that's fine, or buy corn bread muffins in a sense. >> break them up. >> we're making dressing and not co cornbread in a sense. you can let the market doheavy lifting. we're going to fold tis in, and then we're going to add a little bit of cream and a little bit of chicken stock. you stir this together, an it goes into the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes until it gets nice and crusty on top and it's fantastic. >> it's going to be kind of
10:53 am
goy, right? >> it's moist. >> moist, moist. >> nice, moist dressing, right? go ahd and give you a nice, big scoop of this. >> just want a little nibble. >> nice scoop of this, and it's delicious. it goes great with the turkey and -- >> i do't need a fork. thank you. >> don't worry about me. >> thank you. >> delicious. >> you've got three restaurants coming open. >> brand-new one opening in napa next wk. >> rotisserie wine opens up next week in downtown napa and i'm doing a steakhouse. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thanks so much, guys. >> we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc while we eat this. [ female announcer ] this is wendy. wendy is a big fan of aetna mobile.
10:54 am
because life takes wendy places. and life takes her family places. hi, mom. [ female announcer ] so knowing she can find in network doctors and pharmacies whenever or wherever she needs them directly from her mobile phone is important to wendy. ♪ where to next, wendy? ♪
10:55 am
know more. get better. get a smarter health plan,
10:56 am
wish everybody a very happy
10:57 am
thanksgiving. the macy's thanksgiving day parade is tomorrow. >> we wish you all the greatest holiday. god bless us, everyone. be rateful, everybody. we live in a great country. be rateful, everybody. we live in a great country. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
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